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Favorites American Muscle (2014)

American Muscle (2014)
Year, country:
Ravi Dhar
Nick Principe, Robin Sydney, Todd Farmer
1h 19min
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John Falcon (Nick Principe) lost all the most precious things in his life when he got in jail. Our hero is not at all a thug and has never been so, he was sent to prison for someone else's fault. John was taken 10 years of his life, he stayed and went free, but from the old guy there was nothing left. The only thought that gave him the hope of living further in prison was a sense of revenge. John wants to fill all the enemies with blood. How did it happen that an honest guy got into such a mess, and it's all in Falcon's own brother, she's doing illegal business and when the cops were rounding up, then John came under the distribution. Now our hero does not stop and the fact that his brother's life broke his life, and with him his friends. After getting free Falcon bought an old good hard drive, his car and went hunting. He only has 24 hours to pack everything. After all, the enemies already know about his release to freedom ...
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