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Phantom Boy (2015) HD
Phantom Boy (2015)
Year, country:
Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol
Audrey Tautou, Edouard Baer, Jean-Pierre Marielle,
86 min/episode
On the one hand, "Phantom Boy" is another movie, an animated film about the adventures of a superhero, but on the other hand the French-Belgian authors have prepared a completely new, original and fresh story twist, thanks to which "Phantom Boy" belongs to that category of cartoons, that they beat right in the heart and fight on the spot.
  New York is in danger, the city is running and every night creates a crime of criminal genius. Nobody is able to stop the terror of the mysterious criminal until it appears The ghost boy, the mysterious superhero who flies through the air and is always ready to help out in a difficult moment. He has already helped, saved from trouble, and even from the death of many New Yorkers who are in trouble, but the main villain is still at large and the fight with him promises to be hot and cruel.
   The main thing is that the enemy does not recognize the secret of the Phantom battle - in fact, he is a cancer patient boy, struggling with his last strength from the disease, but for short periods of time the fighting spirit of a hopelessly sick guy can leave a helpless body and turn into a superhero that is already known and loved all New Yorkers - A Phantom Boy. Every feat for him may be the last, but while the main villain is at liberty, the ghost boy will live and fight for his city.
   A boy with cancer is New York's new superhero - "Phantom Boy".
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