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Favorites Legend (2015)

Legend (2015)
Year, country:
Brian Helgeland
Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Taron Egerton
2h 12min
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A fascinating film tells about the life of the Crees brothers. It is interesting to observe the famous and dangerous criminals from outside. British bandits Reginald and Ronald began to actively operate in the middle of the last century. The heroes of the film "The Legend" went through life. Their criminal career was rapidly developing. After numerous robberies, arson and murder, the twin brothers conquered the criminal Olympus. Reggie and Ronnie could not stop anything in achieving the goal. These characters appear in the criminal world swiftly and suddenly. Even big bosses have to reckon with daring guys. Although not everything goes as planned: Ronnie has serious health problems - his mental state leaves much to be desired. The management of a large gang fell on the shoulders of the second gangster. In addition, he must constantly monitor the actions of Ronald. Their whole life is represented in the film as in the palm of your hand. Rise and fall, human weaknesses and dignities - all this intertwined in the plot. In the end, the activities of criminals ended, as with many such authorities, with arrest and life imprisonment.
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