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Favorites Ordinary World (2016)

Ordinary World (2016)
Year, country:
Lee Kirk
Billie Joe Armstrong, Judy Greer, Selma Blair,
1h 26min
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In the series "Ordinary World" a complete loser Perry (Billie Joe Armstrong), yielding to the exhortations of a steppe wife, tries to establish his own existence and become a real, exemplary father for a beautiful daughter. Once a man passionately fond of heavy music, imitated many shocking rock stars, but time inexorably went, gradually reckless childishness of a long-gone youth became very ridiculous. Deciding finally to grow up, the hero settles on a bleak, oppressive job in a tiny family store, where he languishes with desperate longing, indulging in warm, unfading memories of the past, glorious days of extinct youth.

The long-awaited anniversary of Perry turns into an even bigger, completely unexpected disappointment, relatives negligently forget to congratulate a man, and only a loving brother rolls an impressive party for the poor fellow. Total fun and killer positive, make the guy again selflessly feel like the previous restless rocker. One of the influential guests suggests the hero of the day to return to the performance of incendiary punk rock.
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