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Brimstone (2016)
Year, country:
Martin Koolhoven
Carla Juri, Kit Harington, Dakota Fanning
2h 28min
For a long time, Liz and her daughter wander around the world in search of shelter. The heroine of the film "Hell" hopes that one day their little family will be able to settle in a certain place and they will no longer have anything to fear. However, a person who considers himself to be the executor of God's will, does not allow a woman to hope for the best and constantly pursues it. He knows that in the past this respectable heroine led a lascivious lifestyle and now she must be punished. Still no one managed to escape from this man, as the cunning man feels the smell of his victim and follows him. If you continue watching the film "Hell" online, it will be interesting to find out that recently Liz managed to live in a single city for a long time and to settle well in it. She had friends and even admirers. The heroine for the first time in a long time begins to experience feelings of love and tranquility. But her happiness did not last forever and on a very ordinary day a man appeared in these places, who hunted her for a long time. Previously, she always ran away, but now everything has changed. The woman decides to fight for her right to live and it does not matter to her what the whole solution for her can turn out.