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Favorites A Teacher (2013)

A Teacher (2013)
Year, country:
Hannah Fidell
Lindsay Burdge, Will Brittain, Jennifer Prediger
1h 15min
The painting “The Teacher” absorbed elements of a psychological thriller and provocative drama. The relationship of teachers and their wards at an intimate level is a bold topic. The screenwriters decided to take a chance and talk about a young high school teacher. Practically in any school there is such. The plot is built around the experiences of a young teacher from the state of Texas named Diana, who fell in love with her student Eric. At first it seemed an innocent prank and the heroine kept everything under control, but over time the tension increased. Relationships, and the degree of emotion is heating up. Diana begins to lose her head, although her boyfriend is far from special. This is the main storyline of the film. Lindsay Burge was able to naturally convey the character of the main character - a girl who is ready to commit an adventurous act. To understand the roots of this behavior of Diana to the end is almost impossible. And this is largely a feature of this picture.
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