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Favorites Ghosthunters (2016)

Ghosthunters (2016) SD
Ghosthunters (2016)
Year, country:
Pearry Reginald Teo
Francesca Santoro, Stephen Manley, David O'Donnell
90 min/episode
"Ghosthunters" - a mystical horror film about restless spirits, locked in a bad house.

The wife and daughter of the hunter behind the ghosts Henry kills the mad maniac serial. The bloody killer is caught by the police, but the spirits of the unhappy Marta and Gabby demand revenge. To rest their relatives, Henry with like-minded people starts an unsafe experiment. A team of hunters and a specially invited reporter Amy decide to test in a damn house a car catching ghosts, and seal the souls of the innocently murdered.

Researchers of paranormal phenomena hope to help the ghosts of unfortunate victims, but their perseverance irritates the spirits that inhabit the mansion. The foolish experiences of reckless mediums and their hellish machine awaken the present evil, which has long been living here. The house is overwhelmed with negative energy, and otherworldly beings, disturbed by uninvited interference, threaten to destroy the experimenters. Presumptuous trappers of spirits themselves are prisoners of a terrible house, the otherworldly masters of which dream to take revenge on all living things. Watch free movie horror Ghosthunters (2016) online in ffilms.club.
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