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Base (2017)
Year, country:
Richard Parry
Carlos Pedro Briceño, Julie Dray, Alexander Polli
1h 23min
"Base" - an adventure drama about two friends, whom once once and for all brought together the sky. Chico and JC have always loved the risk and for the sake of another adrenaline rush they are constantly engaged in base jumping. Young people realize that such an occupation is unsafe. One ill-conceived action - and you can forever say goodbye to life or at best remain an invalid, falling from a great height. But life without risk is boring and monotonous. Each of the guys in the airplane and parachute jumps brings unforgettable pleasure. It's so cool - at least for a few minutes to be in the sky, hovering like a bird!
While practicing his favorite sport, JC is used to videotaping. After all, those moments that you have to spend in a free flight, you want to remember for life. Therefore, in the archive of faithful friends, a lot of videotapes about their air flights have already accumulated. All the better. There will be something to remember in old age. In the company of the guys there is a place for a charming girl named Ash. She meets Chico, and young people are already making plans for the future. Only, as it turned out, fate has all its plans for the whole trinity. The tragic event at the most inopportune moment turns the lives of friends once and for all. Watch free movie action, drama, mystery Base (2017) online in ffilms.club.
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