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Tom of Finland (2017) HD
Tom of Finland (2017)
Year, country:
Dome Karukoski
Jakob Oftebro, Jessica Grabowsky, Werner Daehn
1h 55min
Talents for music making and drawing appeared in a small Finnish citizen Touko in early childhood. Everyone who has ever heard his piano playing or saw his drawings was fascinated and believed that in the future the boy would become either a great artist or a world-famous musician. However, life ordered differently. With the start of the Soviet-Finnish war, Touko had to forget his attachments for a long time, and instead take a rifle and go to the front. But even here the young soldier excelled. He perfectly performed all the tasks set by the management and quickly moved along the career ladder. His life was completely comfortable, especially when a quiet evening was issued and after a couple of glasses of alcohol, fellow servicemen wandered about their tents and indulged in amorous pleasures. The man himself became a participant in several orgies, and then transferred what he saw to paper, thereby creating pornographic drawings. When the war ended Touko could not find a decent job, and it was impossible to live on a meager officer's pension. Therefore, in the afternoon he was a painter, and in the evening he played piano in bars and restaurants of the city. When his sketches, made during the war, were published, he finally received the long-awaited fame, and with it the condemnation of the society. At that time, having an unconventional sexual orientation was considered immoral. So it is necessary to make a choice.
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