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Favorites Columbus Day (2008)

Columbus Day (2008)
Year, country:
Charles Burmeister
Val Kilmer, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Richard Edson
1h 30min
This is a story about a man who has just committed the biggest robbery in his life. Hiding in the park, he tries to make a deal through phone calls to sell the stolen goods. In this park, he meets a lonely boy, communication with which forces him to rethink his life values.

Somewhere for half an hour nothing is plainly unclear. Robbery, the territory of the park, a mobile phone, some conversations, a planned deal ??
But if you are a little patient, Val Kilmer will reveal exactly for you.
Yes, the whole film is based on the strategic finding of the hero Val Kilmer in the city park. It's almost like "one actor's theater."
He has a portfolio that he needs to exchange for good money. He has a mobile as the only connection with the "outside" world. He has an ex-wife with grievances at their past, daughter and granddaughter in another state, and in the abandoned apartment - an empty-headed slut-lover.
And yet - he has in his head a lot of unresolved issues, which he does not have time to ask himself.
Columbus Day is a holiday, about which almost nothing is known to him, but it was on this day that John found himself in the park. This day was the most suitable time, and the park - the place where and when John can begin a new life.
Could he suggest that he would be helped in this by a small dark-skinned boy who casually sat down on his bench and asked strange questions?
The boy has too much free time, his mother at work, and school holidays. He wants to talk, and John, without waiting for him, finds in a little man an outlet and a way to his own truth.
The film is good, although it does not shine with the plot, and except for Val Kilmer in the frame, there is not really anyone to catch a glimpse of. But - Kilmer cope and vodinochku, which is a rarity in the movies. Watch free movie drama, crime, thriller Columbus Day (2008) online in ffilms.club.
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