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The Snowman (2017)
Year, country:
Tomas Alfredson
Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg
1h 59min
The main hero of the film Snowman is Harry Holle (Michael Fassbender) - an experienced detective who works in the Oslo police. He uncovered a lot of intricate crimes and sent a lot of criminals behind bars. At this time, the city is shocked by a series of horrible murders, and Harry has long been sitting up for these matters, hoping to find a link between the dead - this is what he was once taught in the FBI courses. In the end, Harry finds this connection: he understands that the victims of the maniac were women who were married and had children. There was one more strange detail: after a while, the snowman always appeared on the scene of the murder. Harry found out that such crimes had happened in Norway before: before that, in the undisclosed cases, too, a criminal appeared who killed married mothers, and the next day a snowman appeared on the scene of their murder - this was the kind of handwriting of the murderer. Thus, soon Harry could catch the first serial maniac who was operating in Norway. However, to find it, it was necessary to try very hard, because he was too well encrypted, blotted out all the tracks and was almost imperceptible. On whether Harry Hall managed to find a criminal, you'll find out if you watch the full movie.
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