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Come Sunday (2018) HD
Come Sunday (2018)
Year, country:
Joshua Marston
Lakeith Stanfield, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jason Segel
1h 46min
The plot of the tape from Netflix is twisted around an evangelical priest named Carlton Pearson. The following Sunday, the pastor at the sermon began to express his opinions therefore to the question. He made almost every parishioner doubt that hell exists and it should be feared.
For such anti-church preaching of the priest deprived him of his flock and priestly rank. He lost the support of church leaders and became a real outcast among his former parishioners. Watch free movie Come Sunday 2018 online. The Bible and the Holy Scripture were written by great men and should obey unquestioningly. Any doubt about the correctness of these teachings will certainly lead to excommunication and charity in society. So it happened with the main character of the picture.