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Blood Feast (2016)
Year, country:
Marcel Walz
Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sophie Monk
1h 30min
The life of Fuad Ramses until recently, no special incidents did not differ. He quietly sold fruit in one of the local markets. Occasionally small conflicts arose with buyers, however, at the eastern trade points their centuries-old traditions, so everything ended without unpleasant consequences. Since the seller was in plenty of time, in breaks between communication with customers, he seriously thought about many important things. Thoughts dealt with both material issues and problems of the spiritual plane. Obviously, at some point too intense mental activity led to weighty deviations. A sharp change in the world perception triggered an obsession about its own destiny. Strangely, Ramses believed that he was a follower of Ishtar. About this ancient Egyptian goddess preserved many records in historical and fiction, chronicles, ancient manuscripts. However, everywhere the goddess was portrayed as cruel, merciless and bloodthirsty. Now circumstances force the shifted trader to systematically make sacrifices. He built a self-made altar, on which he periodically places the bodies of young girls. Rituals have to be done more often, then the number of victims of the maniac will increase.