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Favorites Spectacular! (2009)

Spectacular! (2009)
Year, country:
Robert Iscove
Nolan Gerard Funk, Jesse Moss, Britt Irvin
1h 33min
The musician Nikko had a black band in his life. For some unknown reason, he was kicked out of the band in which he was a vocalist. This is all the more offensive, because the collective was rapidly gaining popularity and was preparing for a big tour. In addition to this guy threw his girlfriend. But Nikko is not one of those who simply surrenders. He wants at all costs to succeed in the musical field. But without money, it is almost impossible. And the receipt of funds is not yet foreseen, and there is nowhere to earn the amount necessary to record a demo disk. But fate was more supportive of the guy than it seemed at first glance. Suddenly, his acquaintance, Courtney, offered to take part in a music contest with an impressive cash prize and a real contract for the winner. For this, the guy just needs to become the frontman of the school choir of high school students. And Nikko decided not to miss such a chance. And hard work begins. And although the motivation of the guys is different (Nikko seeks money, and Courtney to success), they have one goal - a victory. And teamwork can change even the most selfish individual. So, the changes are not far off! ...