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Midnighters (2017)
Year, country:
Julius Ramsay
Alex Essoe, Perla Haney-Jardine, Dylan McTee
1h 34min
On the eve of Christmas celebrations the family of Pittmanov was quite expected and naturally in anticipation of the magic moments in this waiting period of every respectable citizen. They began to engage in pre-holiday activities with enthusiasm, indulging in the pleasure of finding gifts for close friends, buying products for the preparation of traditional dishes and all sorts of decorations. Jeff and Lindsey are looking forward to a joyous event that allows you to have fun, memorable moments together. The preparatory events are coming to the final stage, everyone is ready to have fun coming to the coming Christmas, giving hope for the fulfillment of cherished dreams and further plans. But something unexpected and sad is happening, anticipating harsh trials for young spouses who do not foresee big problems. On Christmas Eve, a couple unintentionally become involved in committing a terrible crime. Festive euphoria evaporates instantly, giving way to a terrible fear of hopelessness and invariability of the misfortune that has occurred. At first they naively assumed that they would be left unnoticed and away from continuation of history, but the situation was only aggravated. Now they have to decide with their subsequent behavior to become the accomplices of the bandits, or to try to avoid responsibility. When choosing the second option, they risk turning into potential victims of villains who do not want to leave alive witnesses. The atmosphere is shaken, complicating marital relationships, leading to conflicting situations caused by controversial views. Gradually, various unwanted details that erode trust come into the surface.