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Furlough (2018)
Year, country:
Laurie Collyer
Tessa Thompson, Anna Paquin, Edgar Ramírez
1h 23min
Every prisoner dreams of getting out of jail, not wanting to reconcile to the severity and, at times, cruelty. People want to feel real freedom, its direct taste. The picture tells about a woman forced to take days off in jail and once learned that her mother was ill with an incurable disease. She asked the authorities to give her a vacation in order to say good-bye to a loved one, since they will no longer be seen. Surprisingly, the woman was understood and allowed to visit her mother. She was given the opportunity to spend one day free and solve problems. The leadership took care to put the imprisoned guard in and soon found a young employee, Nicole. She was inexperienced, because she worked little time, but seriously took up such an important business. The girl understood the whole amount of responsibility and was very diligent. So the heroine went on a journey, and together they had to overcome a lot of difficulties. It was especially difficult for Nicole, after all, she was completely unprepared for some nuances. As a result, a joint trip turned into a real test, but most importantly, women were waiting ahead, as fate decided to make him the most important surprise...