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Sky Hunter (2017)
Year, country:
Chen Li
Paul Allica, Andrew Lane Cawthon, George Christopher
1h 55min
All sorts of groups that adhere to completely different worldviews that contradict the political courses that governments desperate, monstrous actions directed against common human values. Criminals who have a radical mood, seek to intimidate the massesl. They instill horror in ordinary people, leading to outrages and cruel reprisals in ordinary citizens. Once an influential Chinese, criminal group, begins to build large-scale plans, intending to seize the entire country under its own influence. Officials trying to drag the state into a senseless, bloody massacre. Unjustifiably aggressive actions of militants make you leave any thoughts. To resist the terrorist army, a special squad consisting of first-class professional pilots is being created. Shao Lian from the early childhood dreamed of piloting a military fighter. She received a serious assignment, before, she did not have to make combat sorties with the squadron...