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My Perfect Romance (2018) HD
My Perfect Romance (2018)
Year, country:
Justin G. Dyck
Lauren Holly, Jodie Sweetin, Morgan Fairchild
1h 32min
Vivian Blair is an attractive, enterprising and purposeful woman who managed to build a beautiful professional career, having achieved great success in this regard. However, the personal life of a successful business lady is not at all. For a long time, she is actively looking for a worthwhile partner who can provide a happy family life, but always finds out after a while serious shortcomings, insurmountable, are an obstacle to common happiness. With closer acquaintance and the establishment of relationships with potential boyfriends, some unpleasant details of their biographies are constantly popping up. Rely on the first acquaintance of men with magic, with a closer examination of others, in reality have many disadvantages. You can watch online My perfect movie couple 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. Desperate to independently find the perfect couple in direct communication, she is thinking of alternative ways to find a possible groom. Vivian decides to develop a special application that is able, by studying thoroughly and comparing the interests and requests of registered users, to choose for each interested ideal partner to create an immaculate community of society. She and her great enthusiasm for work, hoping to provide invaluable help to lonely people who dream of a simple, human happiness, lost hope of finding it in reality. At the same time, she cherishes the dream that she can find herself in this vast world of the only unique man appointed by fate that meets all the requirements of an extremely demanding dreamer.