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Favorites Last Seen in Idaho (2018)

Last Seen in Idaho (2018) HD
Last Seen in Idaho (2018)
Year, country:
Eric Colley
Hallie Shepherd, Casper Van Dien, Wes Ramsey
1h 59min
The summer involuntarily becomes a direct participant in the strange, mystical events that radically change the established years, the usual perception of the surrounding world. After suffering suffering, his life will change in an incredible way. Once, due to a failed coincidence, he becomes a victim of an accident that has serious consequences, as a result of which the hospital turns a bed. Exiting the unconscious, he gradually begins to restore the chain of events that precede the moment, in order to finally understand what actually happened. During a deep reflection, the victim with surprise and some alertness reveals the presence of supernatural abilities not observed to the unpleasant incident that led to the medical institution. You can watch online  Last Seen in Idaho (2018) movie crime, thriller, mystery in good quality for free without registration. For inexplicable reasons a man could now foresee the future. At first, shocked Summer took a strange discovery with disbelief, considering the consequences of injuries sustained during an accident that led to a brain activity, but later became convinced of the real presence of magical super powers. Soon strange visions as if they gave him a kind of warning about the death after some time possible. An unknown attacker planned to kill. In order to prevent one's own death, it is necessary to find out, as soon as possible, the identity of the potential killer and the credible reasons for pushing him to such an illegal act. The sunder begins immediate action, which allows you to find your enemy having some kind of claim.