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Battalion (2018)
Year, country:
Michael Miller (as Mike Holligan)
Jesse Richardson, Ellen Williams, Michael Thomson
1h 34min
For the earthlings, a time of heavy testing has come, associated with large-scale military operations, unfolded unpredictably in the vast vast Pacific Ocean. The armed forces of the planet collided in the middle of the sea territories with an army of hostile alien creatures. Bloodthirsty, aggressive aliens do not strive, they want to capture and enslave the earthly inhabitants, turning them into weak-willed slaves who obey unquestioningly the will of the invaders. The evil invaders did not expect to encounter such a strong, persistent opposition, hoping to cope with the task in short terms. Towards an uncompromising, powerful, well-equipped high-tech weapon, the enemy is the brave, fearless marines. Before the formations of courageous servicemen there is a difficult task to resist in any way cruel invaders, to break reliable protection and to try to destroy an army of aliens or expel from near-planetary space, forever discouraging . Before the experienced fighters is a complex task and the threat of death. Complex circumstances do not negatively affect the fighting spirit of the fighters and the desire to crack down on alien beings who intend to destroy human civilization in a cruel way. Commanders, who participated earlier in numerous military clashes with terrorists, and on the precise, timely execution of higher orders by soldiers operating in a coordinated and courageous manner.
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