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#SquadGoals (2018) HD
#SquadGoals (2018)
Year, country:
Danny J. Boyle
Sheryl Lee, Paris Berelc, Kennedy Lea Slocum
1h 30min
Samantha Hodges is a very energetic, resourceful and talented senior student, aspiring to professional journalism in the field of journalism. She is engaged in similar activities in the walls of her native school, publishing her own articles on the pages of the school newspaper and creating a selection of materials for the upcoming graduation album. Her life is full of various events and social affairs, in which she always takes with great pleasure. Her active life position and numerous achievements contributed to the listing of scholars among other potential applicants for merited privileges. Among the few lucky ones there were three close friends of a successful girl, which greatly increased the joy of anticipating an impeccable, prosperous future. You can watch online Movie Dream Team of 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. But soon, unpleasant, tragic events, which obscure recent good news, begin to happen. Absolutely suddenly a number of mysterious, unexplained deaths of senior pupils entering the list of honorary fellows arise. Surprised by unpleasant circumstances, Samantha decides to use his journalistic talents and non-traditional thinking, taking care of an independent investigation into terrible crimes. The closer the younger reporter approached the clue, the more complicated the events occurred, leading to terrible consequences. The atmosphere among classmates was aggravated with each passing day, the tension grew to an incredible degree, causing pessimistic mood. The frightened schoolchildren were in constant expectation of the approaching death that arises from the unexpected side.