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The Bad Guys (2018)
Year, country:
Carlos Rincones
Glen Powell, Mekenna Melvin, Erik Stocklin
1h 30min
The young, promising film director decides to collect video material for his future film in a rather original way. He returns to the town where he once was born, then graduated from school and held a fun, unforgettable childhood. Here he arranges a meeting with the old, school buddies, a long time grown up and differently built their own lives. Invited old comrades are enthusiastic about the future of a joint pastime. They have not seen many years since the youth, so there is something to talk about, share news on personal achievements, recall various events from the past. Everyone is in a hurry to the west with a good mood, suggesting a great fun and relax in the circle of pretty close friends who have a lot in common, not guessing about the true causes of this gathering. You can watch the online movie Bad Guys 2018 in good quality for free without registration. In fact, an enterprising, cunning director is going to use a predictable, pleasant meeting of former classmates for selfish purposes, intending to earn enough to combine all those present with an old, child injury. It was this event that became the reason for their parting several years ago, forcing them to divide and go completely different, do not intersect the roads. Years have passed, emotions have long languished, the details of the old, unpleasant memories are a little erased, and the friends are ready to meet again, not knowing that someone will want to refresh the forgotten events again in memory. They have fun in their time, raising their spirits in extraordinary portions of alcohol, leading to unnecessary revelations and disclosure of old, mental wounds. Then there are new mistakes, repeated mistakes of the youth.