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Stalked by a Reality Star (2018) HD
Stalked by a Reality Star (2018)
Year, country:
Robert Malenfant
Cynthia Preston, Emily Bader, Robert Scott Wilson
1h 30min
The girl's father recently died and now she is very hard to bear the loss of a loved one. Kendra does not agree with her mother and does not want her to meet with a stranger. This phenomenon greatly disturbs the child. The schoolgirl, deceived about her age. Brad Banton is favorite actor of the audience fell in love with unconsciousness until unconscious, he standing out against the backdrop of pathos and costly outfits. WAtch free movie Stalked by a Reality Star 2018 online. The actor began to look after Kendra in every possible way, showing excessive attention. No persuasion can stop the pursuer who has crossed all the permissible norms. Wherever the young beauty has gone, the ugly young man watches her everywhere. Very soon his courtship becomes so intrusive that it starts to frighten the young schoolgirl. The girl, realizing that she was very strongly involved...