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Island Zero (2017) HD
Island Zero (2017)
Year, country:
Josh Gerritsen
Laila Robins, Adam Wade McLaughlin, Teri Reeves
1h 40min
In the remote state of Maine, there is a small, secluded island, at a considerable distance from the civilized world, so there exists its own, measured, unhurried way of life, developed over decades. The local population has long been accustomed to the established order, promising security and tranquility. Living on the island people do not have much income, but they do not feel much need or unsolvable financial problems, persecuting inhabitants of noisy megacities. They simply content themselves with the benefits they earn, nothing superfluous without requiring unnecessary luxury. Settlers maintain a constant connection with the mainland, therefore, if necessary, all kinds of goods are delivered here to ensure normal living conditions. Any orders are delivered on time. Most of the islanders are involved in the fishing industry. They fish engaged in fishing, selling the obtained prey to the harvesters, providing a good income. On seeming despite isolation from the outside world, the inhabitants do not feel themselves as aborigines, divorced from civilization. There comes a moment, changing the habitual way, creating unforeseen difficulties. Suddenly, communication with the coast disappears, and ferries stop visiting the remote island, leaving people without fresh supplies. At the same time, strange disappearances of several people occur, causing a general panic, sown by fear of the unknown. Soon terrible crimes are repeated, which leads to the thought of the discovery by someone of a deadly hunt for civilians, who have lost the opportunity to seek help from representatives of the authorities.