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Kidnap (2017) HD
Kidnap (2017)
Year, country:
Luis Prieto
Halle Berry, Sage Correa, Chris McGinn
1h 35min
A woman brings up her son alone. She lives separately from the biological father of the child and is engaged in his own education. This task she does not consider difficult and impracticable with care and attention. She is proud that fate has given her the opportunity to grow and bring up a real man who will become a support in the near future. To provide the boy with a prosperous, well-off existence, a single mother must constantly work, overcome domestic. With an exorbitant workload, a loving mother always finds some free time to communicate with the baby. Person did not hesitate to devote a little time to her needs and dreams, but she has a different opinion. For a single woman, if the son is not happy, then she will inevitably wither away from anguish. Their life flowed measuredly, without stress and strong experiences. Criminals invade the house and grab a defenseless child. Unhappy mother can not resist strong, armed men. She could not even imagine what could happen to her. She appeals for help to the nearest police station start to the persecution of the kidnappers. They do not refuse to help her, they promise to start an investigation, but, most likely, this event will take a long time. The desperate parent understands that she herself will have to save her beloved child, the story will end very sadly. When faced with villains who have taken away the most precious mother's treasure, an unprecedented cruelty and perseverance...
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