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Extortion (2017)
Year, country:
Phil Volken
Eion Bailey, Bethany Joy Lenz, Barkhad Abdi
1h 48min
People always look forward to the holiday period. Successful businessman Kevin Riley is also a little tired at work. He has spent quite a lot of successful deals recently. All of them took a lot of nerves. Kevin and his family decided to go somewhere far away from home. After consulting with his wife Julie, Riley chose a place of rest for the Caribbean. After a while, Kevin decided to diversify his vacation a little. He rented a small boat and went with his family to inspect the nearest deserted islands. For some absurd chance, the modern floating facility suddenly died out. The man on oars managed to moor to the nearest island. Here the family spent several days. Finally they saw a fishing boat passing by. People expected help, but something terrible happened. Watch free movie action, comedy, adventure Extortion (2017) online. Captain Miguel Caba and his team kidnapped Julie and Andy, demanding from a man a ransom of one million dollars.Dr. Kevin Riley had a successful year. Signed several successful contracts and earned a long-awaited vacation. The graduate goes to the Caribbean with his wife and little son. They are greeted with affectionate southern sun and soft sand of a beautiful beach. A serene vacation at the resort did not last long. Unhappy tourists moor to the shore of a small islet. The swimming device suddenly stalls and ceases to give signs of life. The delighted travelers saw a shuttle with a pair of strangers. Attackers take a woman and a child hostage. Kevin turns to the police station and understands that law enforcement agencies are under the influence of criminal authorities. Without the support of the authorities to deal with the kidnappers is dangerous. He starts a complex investigation alone.