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The Rake (2018) HD
The Rake (2018)
Year, country:
Tony Wash
Shenae Grimes-Beech, Izabella Miko, Rachel Melvin
1h 19min
Loving newlyweds were glad when they learned that they would soon be the parents of great kids. It was quiet cozy, but it was interrupted by the appearance of a real psychopath and a madman who wants to quickly kill people. Approximately 20 years ago they witnessed a terrible picture - a psychiatric maniac severely solved their parents, after which they committed suicide. They are afraid that killer was ruled by an evil spirit that can return at any moment. Watch free movie horror, thriller The Rake 2018 online. Twenty years in the eyes of minors Ben and Ashley, the psychopathist brutally murdered their parents, and then cut their throats. From the fears that the evil spirit that pushed the maniac for murder still dwells somewhere nearby. Strange things that the causes of anxiety are absolutely serious. Ashley and Ben, the offender brutally kills father with his mother. Despite this brother and sister can not forget what happened and recover from the monstrous psychological trauma. Native people are trying to start everything from a blank sheet, but constantly something reminds them of the tragedy. The past pushed the maniac into a brutal crime, still exists and lives somewhere near them. How many years should they last so that they can finally live calmly, rejoice and be truly happy people...