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The Void (2016) HD
The Void (2016)
Year, country:
Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski
Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh, Daniel Fathers
1h 30min
Night patrolling for police officer Daniel Carter was difficult. It all started with the discovery of a wounded guy who was required to the hospital. Maybe there is no god, it is hidden by the Void, he will leave it and reveal his true face. Interrogation of the victim is immediately impossible, since the wounded person is unconscious. It remains to spend exhausting hours in the hall of a medical institution. What he intends to learn is unclear until suffers. Police officer Daniel Carter, performing normal night patrolling, stumbles upon a limping. Carter rushes to the aid of a young manl. There is a uniform devilry. What starts there to happen, will be a surprise for everyone. Nurse goes crazy. Carter feels the pain from pinching. She commits the murder of one of the patients and the hospital is surrounded by people in white clothes. Human figures in white robes converge on all sides to the hospital building in a few distraught patients. Is it some kind of mass, a mysterious ritual? Witness what the unfortunate policeman became? The devil ventured out of the void on this very night, to show everyone their true nature - cruel, merciless. Communication with colleagues can not be established, only one thing - to barricade together in a safe place of the clinic, to work out a plan. Emptiness has already made its way inside and infected the obsession with many patients. It is extremely difficult to kill them, it's also bad to escape. Carter's team is melting with every minute, it seems that very soon the hero will remain completely alone - Emptiness is coming. Many patients are infected with the virus of insanity, corpses everywhere, rivers of blood, outrage of emptiness. The ranks of allies are melting, Carter still manages to avoid infection...