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Mistrust (2018) HD
Mistrust (2018)
Year, country:
Shane Stanley
Jane Seymour, Nia Peeples, William Shockley
1h 30min
An elderly woman has lived a rather interesting, uneasy and long life, in which she always acted as a mistress, having no idea of another form of relationship with the opposite sex. It was surrounded by various men who could not awaken in the heart something unique, strong and unforgettable, forcing people to connect the vital roads in a common way leading to a single goal. Normal, generally accepted romantic connections with men for her are completely incomprehensible and seem unacceptable for building their own destiny. However, an old friend tries to prove to a friend who has lost faith in the sincerity of human feelings that pure and disinterested love continues to exist in this complex and cruel world, built on unquestioning fidelity, mutual trust and absolute mutual understanding, which excludes ambiguities and secrets. It is very difficult in old age, having a lot of life experience, to change the usual views and the world outlook. Long forgotten is suddenly arising between them. A loyal friendship begins to be replaced by love affection and a sudden sexual attraction, which confirms the fact that love is not subject to love for age-related changes and generally accepted stereotypes. True human happiness can be overtaken at any age at the most unexpected moment, when it seems that all interesting and important events have happened long ago and have been left in the distant past, so do not expect any significant changes in the habitual, monotonous existence consisting of unchanging, perennial habits.