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Favorites Away We Go (2009)

Away We Go (2009)
Year, country:
Sam Mendes
John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Allison Janney
1h 38min
Sam Mendes, the last director of Bondiana and Oscar winner for Beauty in American style.There is so much mutual love, warmth and sincerity in it. A loving couple learns that soon they will become parents. Bert and Verona are waiting for the birth of the firstborn. Future parents eagerly get used to the role of breadwinners. Heroes come to the idea of finding that cozy place for their baby. Bert and Verona go on a long journey with a firm belief in the fulfillment of the cherished dream. They are both a little over thirty, they have long been together. Young people are happy when they learn that in their small family is expected to replenish. But the parents hurried to leave for Europe, and it so happened that the heroes now do not hold anything. They go across the country to visit their friends and acquaintances in order to find the place. Visit their homes, talk with their families and make more and more conclusions for themselves.  The unshakable conviction in the dislocation change remains on the agenda. On the road, they meet different people. Places - lyrical and sentimental, in places - a cynical and funny film will appeal to all lovers of the genre, life stories. Those who watch online as On the road, will be able to personally assess a life-affirming, positive and touching film. American actors who do not have wide popularity outside their country - John Krasinski and Maya Rudolf. On the screen they create a harmonious duo and inspire confidence in their pair...