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Hydra (2009)
Year, country:
Andrew Prendergast
George Stults, Dawn Olivieri, Michael Shamus Wiles
1h 34min
"Hydra: The Lost Island" is a fantastic horror film shot for the US entertainment channel Syfy Universal. Tim Nolan, a former Marine, was abducted together with three former prisoners to be used in a ruthless game. A group of rich madmen paid large sums of money. The perfect place for this island of volcanic origin lost in the ocean. Four inmates, kidnapped directly from the cells, wake up with a chain in a dirty hold. Who owns and where the mysterious ship, similar to the floating prison, goes, the captives do not know. Their kidnapper, billionaire Vincent Camden, started a brutal hunt, in which the four are given the role of prey intent on having a little fun. The place for the upcoming fun is a tiny volcanic island in the ocean - thirty kilometers of wild beach and impassable jungle. But the island they found uneasy, it is inhabited by an inexplicable animal with seven snake heads - Hydra. And while hunters hunt down their prey, Hydra transforms them into victims. Yes, here the volcano also wakes up! Nolan remains at all a little time, in order to discover a method to deal with the devilish creature. Looking forward fun millionaires do not know that among the prisoners of the hold is the former commando Tim Nolan, who is not ready to part with life cheaply, and the ideal island is not at all ideal. There lives a mythical hydra - a three-headed monster devouring uninvited guests...