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Favorites Komodo vs. Cobra (2005)

Komodo vs. Cobra (2005)
Year, country:
Jim Wynorski (as Jay Andrews)
Michael Paré, Michelle Borth, Ryan McTavish
1h 34min
A small island is lost in the ocean. It would seem that the bad can happen? But the island is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The secret experiment, conducted on a lost island in the middle of the ocean. Monsters that devoured everything that would meet on their way escaped to freedom. In the depths of the island a laboratory is hidden, where scientists are engaged in genetic experiments. On the small islands of the Pacific Ocean there is a laboratory that conducted secret experiments on the creation. Incredible monsters - giant komodos and snake-cobra, which got out of control and turned into a mortal threat to themselves. Surviving scientists are trying to leave the island, means of bombs permanently destroy the rebellious island. Several such "sweet" creatures manage to escape from the laboratory. From this moment the island ceases to be safe places. Scientists need to have time to get to the helicopters...