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Killer Christmas (2017) HD
Killer Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
PeterPaul Shaker, Tony Shaker
Malcolm Xavier, PeterPaul Shaker, Sherry Shaker
1h 24min
Pre-Christmas vanity reigns everywhere. People give up their business and go to their parents and loved ones in order to celebrate this holiday among their loved ones with their families. A young girl named Daisy is also overwhelmingly pleased. Not only her Christmas will be held with her beloved parents, she managed to earn some money for gifts. In the evening, she runs for a short run before going to bed, making plans for the next holiday in her mind. However, she was no longer destined to return home. Nobody will know about her mysterious death. A company of young children goes to the nursery in order to cut down a small Christmas tree for the holiday. The guys are late for a regular bus, and are forced to walk through the woods in order to cut off the road and get home faster. On the way, they find the building of an abandoned hotel, which it is interesting to explore in autumn. As befits a young, curious teenagers, the whole company climbed inside and wandered off in search of the unknown. And this unknown was not long in coming. On the company of guys wandering through the deserted labyrinths of the building, an unknown maniac in a Santa Claus suit is doing a real hunt. Now the guys only task - to survive and get out of this terrible place.
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