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Coming Home for Christmas (2017) HD
Coming Home for Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Mel Damski
Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe, Andrew Francis
1h 23min
Lizzy loses her job shortly before Christmas. However, this does not upset her at all, since the girl was not accustomed to despond. And as soon as she offered a new position as a manager of a large estate, she immediately agreed without even thinking. It seemed to her that she had to leave the city bustle and change her occupation - this is what she needs right now. Therefore, the girl herself did not expect to be involved in the dismantling of the Marley family. All members of this family belong to the ancient aristocratic dynasty. The girl always thought that people belonging to this class meet Christmas in a special way, but in reality everything turned out to be much different.
The brothers have long been virtually no talk with each other. One of them is absorbed in personal life, the second the only thing that interests is the work. He had long forgotten about his wife, who has to give herself to her nephews. The girl decided that she could somehow help her new employers, because they may no longer have a chance to meet the holiday under the same roof. Only the situation is complicated at the moment when Pete decides to start caring for the girl, and Robert decided to join the new beautiful manager. And the latter does not care that he is already married and that his spouse can learn about the adventures of the new manager. How does this whole story end and does Lizzy have at least some chance to help the family deal with all these problems?
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