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Untogether (2018) HD
Untogether (2018)
Year, country:
Emma Forrest
Jamie Dornan, Lola Kirke, Jemima Kirke
1h 38min
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All of her childhood and youth, Andrea showed great promise and was a real wunderkind. The girl was fond of science, engaged in music and self-development. Everyone was sure that there would be a lot from her, but soon drugs appeared in the life of the young heroine, which broke her. Not a trace was left of the former genius, for a long time the girl was dependent on them, she lost a lot and no one hoped that she would be clever about it. Very soon, the young heroine realized that she was destroying herself and she tied up with drugs, deciding to devote herself to people and become a writer.

Being a good writer is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but the girl tries and works hard every night. Once fate brought her to Nick, a famous writer, military memoirist, whose books had already conquered several thousand hearts. The heroes spend a lot of time together and very soon they have a stormy romance, full of passion, tenderness and romance. He helped her, read her notes and pointed out errors, for which Andrea was so grateful. She sought to create perfection from the first time, so work on her debut piece became very difficult for her. Nervous breakdowns, exhaustion, neurosis - all this and not only Nick watched his girlfriend. He understands that she can return to drugs again, so he is ready to do anything to prevent it.