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The Wedding Party (2010) HD
The Wedding Party (2010)
Year, country:
Amanda Jane
Josh Lawson, Isabel Lucas, Steve Bisley
1h 37min
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The story of Steve Thompson (Joshua Lawson), who entered into a marriage and was forced to pretend to be a happy newlywed.
To take such a step he was forced by difficult financial circumstances. Anna (Isabel Lukas), a girl from Russia, who was looking for a new place of residence in exchange for a large amount in cash, turned up perfectly by the way. The deal, closed behind closed doors, did not involve general publicity. However, a curious family friend found out about the changes in Steve's family status, and now his whole family is engulfed in a festive fever.
Steve's family does not spare the energy to support his son in preparing for the wedding party, which is nothing but a farce. And his lies might not have been so unpleasant for him if Steve had not been tormented by the fear that he had lost Jackie, his true love.