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Favorites Agent of Deceit (2019)

Agent of Deceit (2019) HD
Agent of Deceit (2019)
Year, country:
Michael Feifer
Michael Welch, Cara Santana, Chelsea Ricketts
1h 30min
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 Prior to certain events, the life of a young person flowed along the usual channel in a long-established regime, without promising major troubles and dramatic changes. One day she becomes aware that a great misfortune has overtaken her best friend. A shocked misfortune and at the same time a very upset woman was not going to stand aside. She planned to take active steps to allow the incident to sort out what happened. The investigation of the crime was carried out by a professional investigator, who has extensive experience with investigative bodies. The man looked very solid and gave the impression of an excellent specialist, understanding the intricacies of difficult work. For inexplicable reasons, the stranger did not trust the worried lady who decided to intervene in the process of establishing the truth. The woman, driven by internal premonitions, became suspicious about the honesty and integrity of the detective story. She decides to find out the details of the biography of a suspicious man, taking up a peculiar investigation that allows her to look into the past of a suspicious subject. As a result, she manages to obtain information about some facts from the life of a stranger, causing inexplicable, ambiguous feelings. We have to delve into the study of the information received, which provokes the emergence of new issues that need to be resolved. The chain of interconnected passages of diverse information gradually develops into a single picture, giving an unequivocal, truthful answer to all doubts. Gradually purposeful woman is approaching to clarify the true causes of the tragic accident that happened to her friend.
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