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Favorites Two Moon Junction (1988)

Two Moon Junction (1988)
Year, country:
Zalman King
Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher
1h 44min
The film “Two Moon Junction” is an erotic melodrama about the meeting of opposites, which was not destined not only to form a pair, but also to meet.

April's beauty and clever fits all the items in the “good girl” list: smart, courteous, obligatory, always playing the high society. Her family is wealthy, the grandmother will leave all the millions to her granddaughter, and a good education and reputation - the cherries on the multi-layered cake of a beautiful life.

Sputnik April was also chosen to be from her own circle, so the girl did not doubt her desire to go beyond Chad until she was confronted with a reality that she had previously tried to avoid.

The perfect marriage is under threat: April meets a rustic and incredibly attractive Perry, who came to the city with an amusement park. The new acquaintance has nothing to do with the sad Chad or with someone else from the environment of the heroine, which is why she, like a magnet, pulls Perry to her, and this is mutual. Young people give in to passion, but it’s not clear whether the relationship between April and Perry is a prospect ...
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