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Kreola (1993) HD
Kreola (1993)
Year, country:
Antonio Bonifacio
Demetra Hampton, Teodosio Losito, John Armstead
1h 27min
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 Back in 1993, an interesting dramatic film "Kreola (1993)" appeared. It is known that cinema from Italy worked on its creation. The central heroine in the film is Creola. She, along with her beloved husband, goes to Santo Diego territory. There she is not quite lucky, as a result of which she falls under the charm of some passionate and a little serious captain Leon.

At first glance, she liked her, but after a while she began to realize that she had made a wrong choice and that she needed to somehow get rid of him, but is it possible? No matter how she tried to get away from this difficult situation, nothing worked.

What will end the legendary story? You will learn about this when you watch the movie "Kreola (1993)" online.
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