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Mummy Reborn (2019)
Year, country:
Dan Allen
Tiffany-Ellen Robinson, Rita Siddiqui, Becca Hirani
1h 20min
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 Tina is a young girl who takes care of her disabled brother Max after the death of their mother. For her, there is only a brother and a job in a local antique shop that allows them to stay afloat. She often asks Brenda to look after the guy and is not going to take him to a specialized clinic, despite all the difficulties. Soon she learns that the owner is going to sell the shop, and put all the goods up for auction. This is very frustrating for a girl because she can lose a single income. Soon Tina notices a strange amulet and, despite the prohibition inscription, she tears off the coverlet, behind which she finds a wooden box. About this she tells her friend Luke, who offers her to steal an expensive thing ...
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  1. Shit
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    it is shit. Useless movie, don't even watch. Look at the mummy. hahaha

    • 27 April 2019 20:16