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Favorites Room for Rent (2019)

Room for Rent (2019) HD
Room for Rent (2019)
Year, country:
Tommy Stovall
Lin Shaye, Oliver Rayon, Valeska Miller
1h 21min
Stream best Full movie 2019 Room for Rent mystery online free in ffilms.club. The decrepit Madam Smith recently buried her husband. Constantly worried old woman with sad frightened eyes, having no relatives or friends, was left alone. Rummaging through the Internet, a depressed widow was greatly inspired by finding an unexpected idea. She posted the ad "Rent a Room" and took anyone who wanted to live in paid in her cottage. For the owner, this is an opportunity to earn money and, communicating at least occasionally with tenants, drive off mourning thoughts. Those who responded to the offer were found quickly. The housewife was delighted. With tenants, the pensioner is self-confident, smiling, hospitable.
He tries to establish contact: for example, imposing himself as an interlocutor. Or aggressively treating pastries. Often he who hears himself out of loneliness hears about his unwillingness to communicate, such as: “Leave me alone. We paid for the room. She is temporarily ours. We want silence. Another neighbor moved into the mansion - a young and attractive man. From the loneliness of the hostess living space goes roof. The American who has become crazy is glued to Bob: wears open outfits, “accidentally” comes out of the bathroom with him, makes unambiguous gestures. But the brunette chose a sexy young neighbor. Zarevnovav, the old woman begins a bloody revenge.
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