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Favorites Grass is Greener (2019)

Grass is Greener (2019)
Year, country:
Fab 5 Freddy
B-Real, Steven Hager, Damian Marley
1h 37min
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 On the eve of the adoption of the law on cannabis, a documentary tape from Netflix, tells the story of the introduction of drugs into the American society, in particular marijuana. At the beginning of the twentieth century, many foreigners immigrated to the United States from Mexico, Europe and Asia. Russians, Jews and Italians settled in the north of the country. The south was overflowing with African populations who had recently been freed from slavery. Somewhere in the same period, the first shipment of cannabis arrived from China to New Orleans, quickly spreading among different strata of society.

The first to taste the taste of amazing herbs African Americans, becoming her to smoke everywhere. The famous jazz musician Louis Armstrong wrote his best works precisely in drug intoxication and often smoked between the songs. When the psychotropic effects of a substance were officially confirmed by a negative impact on the human psyche, the government began to actively combat the dominance of drug addiction. Growing and consuming herbs was banned in half the states, forcing marijuana lovers to look for workarounds. In the modern period, kosyachok zaboristy became an integral part of the life of any rapper.
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