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Favorites The Guardians (2017)

The Guardians (2017)
Year, country:
Sarik Andreasyan
Anton Pampushnyy, Sanjar Madi, Sebastien Sisak
1h 29min
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On the territory of the USSR there was a secret organization that managed to unite people with amazing abilities that will help to win in the confrontation with the United States. However, the times of the Cold War are over, perestroika began. Much has changed, much has remained incomprehensible. There were problems with financing. Not wanting to use their abilities to enrich the next criminal, members of the Defenders group decided to wait out troubled times, pretending to be ordinary people. All of them are of different nationalities, which never embarrassed the heroes during their work, but the collapse of the Soviet Union brought discord in their relations. It became easier for everyone to leave and forget than to try to negotiate with someone who was a true friend yesterday. They left; they were forgotten by those few who knew the truth. The world has changed, but to continue to hide when the threat hung over the country was higher than the strengths of the main characters. All of them are ready to return to stop the looming danger and once again demonstrate their strength. It turns out that internationalism is the main advantage of the team. The heroes understood this only now and are ready to use as the main trump card. Now, becoming a little older, friends and partners have realized that as long as they know how to understand and appreciate each other, no enemy will succeed in escaping impunity.
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