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Favorites Bundy and the Green River Killer (2019)

Bundy and the Green River Killer (2019) HD
Bundy and the Green River Killer (2019)
Year, country:
Andrew Jones
Lara Goodison, Richard Mark, Mark Homer
1h 25min
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 At all times, law enforcement officers waged an implacable fight against crime. Different methods were developed for calculating intruders and conducting effective investigations. Sometimes there are crimes that do not fit into existing systems. Then there is some panic. In 1984, in Washington, the police were faced with unpleasant events. Several murders occurred in a relatively short time. In a similar handwriting, it can be argued that there is a real maniac behind everything. People have already managed to christen him - "The murderer from the Green River." City dwellers experience fear when walking along deserted streets.
Despite a thorough examination of corpses and crime scenes, no evidence can be found. Without serious leads, there’s nothing to hope for success. It is difficult for a detective to unravel this case. It is necessary to understand the motives, to predict the further actions of a serial killer, to arrange a trap for the murderer. The character specifically goes to the most famous maniac in the history of the country, who whiled away the time in prison. Ted Bundy could shed light, become an expert and adviser. The detective never thought that he would have to work closely with a bloody sadist. Will such a tandem be effective and successful?