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Favorites The Daughter (2015)

The Daughter (2015)
Year, country:
Simon Stone
Geoffrey Rush, Nicholas Hope, Sam Neill
1h 36min
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 Henry Nilsson (Geoffrey Rush) was no longer young when he suddenly decided to marry. His choice was a housekeeper named Anna, much younger than Henry. A man announces plans to his adult son and asks him to become the best man at the wedding.

After some time, the son arrives from the United States, where he lived for 15 years. Over all these years, he never visited his father. The guy almost forgot his native village, where he spent his childhood, forgot its inhabitants - poor lumberjacks, old and innocent.

Preparations for the wedding are in full swing, and the son helps Henry Nilsson to the best of his abilities. Very soon, he met his father’s fellow villagers, whom, by the way, very little was left, because young people are trying to escape from this boring place to big cities. But just a few days before the celebration, the young man manages to discover the old secret of his family. And this mystery can change not only the fate of Henry Nilsson, but also affect the life of the village as a whole. What did the young American learn?
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