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Favorites Reckless (1984)

Reckless (1984) HD
Reckless (1984)
Year, country:
James Foley
Aidan Quinn, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth McMillan
1h 30min
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 Prescott Tracy (Daryl Hannah) is not only the beauty of the school, but also the captain of the school support group. Not surprisingly, Johnny Rourke is a local outcast just madly in love with her.
But it seems that fate smiled at Rourke (Aidan Quinn), because Tracy became his partner at the upcoming school dance party.

Tracy belongs to the highest circle, and Rourke simply does not fit into it. But in spite of this, Tracy is reciprocating the feelings of Johnny, and the young people begin an affair.

All the plans of the young Johnny collapse, because as a young man realizes that his future is hopeless. Father Rourke dies suddenly, and the mother protects herself from the world and completely withdraws herself.

Tracy must decide for herself what to do next to stay with Rourke or return to her boyfriend.
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