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Favorites Squadron 303 (2018)

Squadron 303 (2018) HD
Squadron 303 (2018)
Year, country:
Denis Delic
Piotr Adamczyk, Kirk Barker, Gabriela Calun
1h 44min
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 This is a story about real heroes of the Second World War. Their names are honored by the whole of Poland for what they did for the country in those difficult times. This is a squad of fighter pilots, called the "Division 303". These guys were real shield and sword in the airspace above the Allied forces. Most of the men there were Poles, but they remembered most of all precisely the heroic defense of Britain against the fascist army. Yes, not only the Poles participated in those battles, but only they destroyed 3 times more opponents than any other army. In war, many die, many destinies are crumbling. "Division 303" at the cost of their lives saved millions of others.
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