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Favorites El sadico de Notre-Dame (1979)

El sadico de Notre-Dame (1979) HD
El sadico de Notre-Dame (1979)
Year, country:
Jesús Franco
Jesús Franco, Lina Romay, Olivier Mathot
1h 34min
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 Fanaticism can even make a monster from a good person. Surely, the priest wanted well for his parishioners, but for some unknown reason even to him, he saw in women an obsession with lust. He was beside himself with the horror that haunted women, and he decided to cast out demons from them. Known to him the way to liberation from demonism could not be effective against the parishioners. He so vehemently wished for the salvation of their souls that he found the strength to kill the poor things in order to end their lustfulness. Will the police succeed in stopping the raging fanatic and saving women from a terrible fate and how many will he manage to kill, seeing in them the fruit of his own delirium?
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