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Favorites Kate's Addiction (1999)

Kate's Addiction (1999) HD
Kate's Addiction (1999)
Year, country:
Eric DelaBarre
Kari Wuhrer, Farrah Forke, Matthew Porretta, Natalie Radford
1h 30min
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 Kate (Kari Wuhrer) is obsessed with Sara (Farrah Forke), with whom they studied together in college and with whom they were close friends. She decides to do everything possible to Sara was with her. Together with her mistress Zoey (Natalie Radford), she arrives in Los Angeles, where Sarah now lives. Stopping at her house as a guest, Kate begins a deadly game. The first thing she deals with Dylan (Matthew Porretta), Sarah's fiancé. His murder shocks the girl, and this is what Kate needs. When the terms of difficulties, there is nothing better than helping a friend. Step by step, Kate achieves her goal, but her obsession leads everything to new victims. Sarah will need all her strength to escape from the terrible web woven by painfully obsessed Kate.
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