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The Answer (2015) HD
The Answer (2015)
Year, country:
Pavan Kaul
Leonidas Gulaptis, Victor Banerjee, Miriam Harris
1h 48min
The Answer (2015) online free in HD quality on ffilms.club
Brid Cole lives the quiet life of an average office clerk - neither family nor friends. At work, Breed tries to perform just enough to not get reprimanded or excessive praise - to dissolve among the crowd and be invisible - this is the main motive of his life. Only his pretty colleague Charlotte managed to break through the armor of inaccessibility and become for Brida someone between a girl and a friend. And at this momentous moment in the life of a young man a strange event occurs - he receives a package from his mother, who has not been alive for two decades.
Brid thoughts back to the horrible day when his parents died. He was still a small child and did not know the answer, why it happened. But now his life becomes filled with new meaning and adventures, because from the past some fantastic creatures come back, possessing superhuman strength and speed. These super-soldiers hunt the guy and he has to flee and try to find the Answer to the main questions: Who is Brid Cole and why is he capable of performing the same unbelievable stunts as his mysterious opponents?